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Commercial Inland Marine Insurance

Business is going great. The clientele keeps growing and reviews on social networks are booming. You make an investment analysis and the fruits of your labor are ripening after a long time. Then you stop to go over everything and make sure it’s in order: licenses, patents, and other things. Later on you remember that someone once told you how important it was to have commercial insurance and you gave up on the idea because you’re the one running the business. But did you think of the damages and losses that might happen? If someone were to destroy your property, it would be an easier pill to swallow if you had a Commercial Inland Marine policy.


This insurance covers damages or destruction on a mobile commercial property, while in the care, custody and control of the policyholder. The property can be directly related to your business, profession or occupation, for example, accounts receivable, computers, contractors, and medical tools and equipment, although imports, exports, domestic freight, transportation and communications infrastructure, and commercial equipment are also considered.

It offers a wide variety of options to cover the particular needs of your business, such as:

  • Contractor's Equipment Insurance
  • Installation Floater Insurance
  • Valuable Papers Insurance
  • Accounts Receivable Insurance
  • Signboard Insurance
  • Electronic Data Equipment Insurance


Ideal for covering personal and commercial property, subject to risk of loss in more than one location.


Owners of businesses, companies, corporations, and organizations, among other entities.

The information described here is a brief summary of the policy. To obtain the complete information and details about the terms and conditions, limitations, exclusions and coverages you should read the Terms and Conditions document of your policy, or check with your insurance representative or broker.

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