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Protection and Prevention in case of an emergency

In Case of Fire

You do not need to play with fire to get burnt. One mistake, like forgetting to disconnect the hair iron and leaving it on the bed as you hurry out to run an errand, is enough to burn the whole house down and lose everything. The day goes by until you get a call from your neighbor who tells you that your house is on fire. You lost furniture, electronic equipment, documents, clothing, and the list goes on. Thousands of dollars lost because of one mistake. It is important to know the hazards that are linked to events like these. Here, we help you assess your risks.

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During a Hurricane

It is important to know every detail on what to do before, during, and after a hurricane. Why? Precautions that are to be taken vary by location. If you live in the mountains, you will be watching the power grid versus he who lives near the coast, who will be looking out for swells. No matter where you are, it’s your responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones by knowing the processes and the people to contact during these emergencies. We will guide you so you can keep track of everything, and so a hurricane does not take you by surprise.

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During an Earthquake

It is impossible to know when an earthquake will occur, but you can know what to do when it happens. Probably the first thing you do as soon as an earthquake occurs is check social networks and confirm if it actually happened. In extreme cases it will be the last thing you do because before knowing the magnitude of the event, your life and your family's lives are top priority. There are many versions of what the correct measure to take would be, such as hiding under a table or the doorway. In light of all these questions, we offer a complete guide with everything you need to know in case of an earthquake.

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Other natural disasters


In Puerto Rico occur between 20,000 and 14,000 fires each year, killing about 20 people and causing losses estimated at $ 65 million property...

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An earthquake can happen at any time without warning...

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