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Insurance for financial industry

Finally, the day to clean and organize files arrives. All your employees dress casually, in jeans and tennis shoes, and prepare to start moving everything. They are excited because they’re looking forward to working in the new financial offices. The tasks are already assigned. Some are responsible for labeling the accounts receivable department boxes; others are making room in the hall to place the boxes. The day passes and everything seems to be under control. When putting all the boxes in the commercial vehicle to transfer them, a driver who was parking his car hits the vehicle. Although no one was physically hurt, except for the car, the day did not end in the best way. For situations like these, you must have a commercial insurance policy for your business with the following coverage protection options.

Commercial Inland Marine Policy:

This insurance covers damages or destruction on a mobile commercial property, while in the care, custody and control of the policyholder. The property can be directly related to your business, profession or occupation, for example, accounts receivable, computers, contractors, and medical tools and equipment; although imports, exports, domestic freight, transportation and communications infrastructure, and commercial equipment are also considered.

Commercial Liability Policy:

This policy covers some of the largest direct or indirect public liability exposures for commercial risks. It insures public accountability related to properties, operations and products.

Commercial Umbrella Policy:

It allows you to significantly increase the primary limits covered by your Commercial Public Liability policy.

Commercial Property Policy:

This policy protects your commercial property from losses caused by fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, theft, and vandalism. It covers direct damages to buildings and the commercial content of corporations and all sorts of businesses.

Commercial Auto Policy:

This policy provides coverage against physical damage, public liability and third-party property damage, which are related to cars used in your business. These vehicles can be rented or owned by the business and used for transportation, delivery of merchandise, and other commercial purposes.

Multilinear Commercial Policy:

This policy allows you to include two or more insurance coverage protections, according to the needs of the insured business. The protections that can be included are: Property, Civil Liability, Crime, Terrestrial Transport, Glassware, Boilers and Machinery, among others.

The information described here is a brief summary of the policy. To obtain the complete information and details about the terms and conditions, limitations, exclusions and coverages you should read the Terms and Conditions document of your policy, or check with your insurance representative or broker.

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