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What to do in case of an earthquake

An earthquake can happen at any time without notice. Triple-S Propiedad guides you through the educational program Protégete, on security measures to protect your things and loved ones.

What to do NOW

  • Eliminate potential hazards in your home
  • Prepare an emergency backpack
  • Develop a contingency plan
  • Identify and minimize other risks in your home
  • Protect yourself with adequate insurance

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What to do DURING

  • Stay calm, do not run!
  • Protect yourself from falling objects, especially your head
  • If you are inside your house or another building, stay in and protect yourself under a table or desk
  • If you're in your car, stay in it and make sure you stay away from poles and electrical wires
  • If you are walking on the street, stay away from buildings and seek an open place
  • If you are in the classroom, protect yourself under the desk.

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What to do AFTER

  • Make sure that neither you nor your family have wounds or blows
  • If any of them are bleeding, put pressure on the wound and elevate the injured party
  • If there are serious injured or trapped people, do not try to move them unless there is immediate danger, and contact authorities
  • Put the contingency plan into action and move to the agreed location
  • If you are near the sea, move immediately to higher ground and further away from the coast to avoid a possible tsunami tidal wave
  • Cooperate with rescue agencies and do not make unnecessary calls.

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The recommendations are based on data from the Puerto Rico Seismic Network and the State Agency for Emergency Management.

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