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Commercial Auto Insurance

To start the week off on the right foot, you get to the office only to find out that deliveries to your customers are delayed and the phones are ringing off the hook with complaints from customers. Given the situation, you need to call in all your employees and create emergency routes to speed up the daily deliveries. How stressful! After assigning which employees will be covering which areas and calling customers to notify them of the actions being taken to lessen their discomfort, everything seems to be under control. But then you get a call: one of your employees was involved in an accident using the company vehicle. Now you’re dealing with two problems instead of just one. Customers are still waiting for their merchandise and your stress levels increase just thinking about how you will respond to the accident. Make meeting your customers’ needs your only concern and remain calm with a policy that covers company cars with Triple-S Propiedad. When seeking auto insurance for your business, it is important that you consider a complete coverage for physical damage, public liability, and property damage.


Under this policy you can cover business property or vehicles used for transportation, delivery of goods, and other company business purposes.

Under this policy you can select from the following coverage protections:

  • Auto Public Liability - covers bodily injuries and damages to a third party’s property. It provides policyholder protection for claims for which they are legally liable as a result of a car crash.
  • Medical Expenses - Pays incurred expenses for medical or funeral services resulting from bodily injuries caused by an accident when using the insured car as transportation.
  • Comprehensive - covers any loss or damage to the car, whether direct or accidental.
  • Collision - Protects losses incurred as a result of the insured car overturning or impacting any vehicle or object, in excess of the deductible.


It allows for the repair and replacement of your business vehicles, in order to continue operating as soon as possible, and it supports your liability from damages to third parties for which you and your business are legally responsible.


For merchants, business and company owners who have vehicles.

The information described here is a brief summary of the policy. To obtain the complete information and details about the terms and conditions, limitations, exclusions and coverages you should read the Terms and Conditions document of your policy, or check with your insurance representative or broker.

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