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Saving is easy with Casa Cubierta

Casa Cubierta covers damages to your home caused by fire, hurricanes, and earthquakes, among others. It’s the policy required by banking institutions when granting you a mortgage loan or refinanced loan.
If your house is paid off, you should also get it to protect what you worked so hard to achieve.

Accepted by all finnancial institutions

At Triple-S Propiedad, we arrange the payment of the premium with your banking institution, so you can continue paying your policy along with the mortgage.

Easy transfer

If you have a mortgage loan, we notify the banking institution. We request their insurance requirements and send them your new policy. It’s up to the bank to pay the premium and adjust your monthly payment.

Additional Coverage

Increase the protection of your home by adding other coverages, like Vandalism and Home Assistance, which cover risks in addition to those covered by Casa Cubierta.

You choose

At the time of purchasing your property, you have the right to choose your hazard insurance. No one can decide for you. Remember to bring your insurance policy at the time of finalizing the purchase of your property.


Enjoy the peace of mind of protecting your home with Casa Cubierta from Triple-S Propiedad.

  • Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Hurricane

Not Covered

There are some risks that are not covered by the hazard policy, which is why we offer additional coverage to protect your home.

  • Flood
  • Vandalism
  • Damages to Third Parties

Additional Coverage


Coverage to compensate you for expenses resulting from vandalism or malicious acts to your insured home, caused by third parties.

Home Assistance

Coverage for emergencies that may happen at home, like problems related to electricity, plumbing, glass, and locks. It will help you avoid the headaches and expenses associated with these unpredictable situations that are so common in our daily lives.

The information described here is a brief summary of the policy. To obtain the complete information and details about the terms and conditions, limitations, exclusions and coverages you should read the Terms and Conditions document of your policy, or check with your insurance representative or broker.