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What information and documents do I need to make an auto claim?

Each type of accident or event requires specific processes and documentation. After completing them you should call (787) 781-7100 for an appointment.  

In Case of Auto Loss

During the Accident
  • Make sure you and the people involved are well; for injuries call 911 for emergency help.
  • Ask the owner of the other vehicle for his/her personal information (name, address, and telephone number), name of his/her insurance company, name of the car owner, and details of the car.
  • If there are witnesses, list their names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
  • Call the police at the scene of the accident and write down the case number, license plate, name of the officer, and assigned precinct.
  After the Accident
  • You must fill the Friendly Report and send it to our offices with a damage estimate. Remember to include the information from all parties involved in the accident.
  • You must send us a legible copy of the car’s valid registration and your driver’s license.
  • If you have pictures of the car damages, you can send them to our offices; otherwise, one of our appraisers at the time of the inspection will take them.

In Case of Property Loss

You must fill out the Property Loss Notice and send it to our offices with the damage estimate and corresponding invoices. If you have them available, you may send us the pictures of the damages.    

In the event of a catastrophic loss (for example, hurricanes and earthquakes)

You must fill out the Catastrophic Loss Notice and send it to our offices, along with the damage estimate and corresponding invoices.   All of the abovementioned documents are available on our website www.ssspropiedad.com, where you can complete them online or download them and send them by e-mail to claims@ssspr.com, or by fax to (787) 625-8638. We will be contacting you shortly to complete your claim process.