After budgeting and investing a good down payment to lower your dream car’s monthly payment, you can’t risk using it without insurance. Many people see car insurance as an expense, but it’s better to see it as protecting your investment. Drive confidently and don’t take the risk. Add the auto insurance policy you need to your budget. Triple-S Propiedad offers insurance for vehicles through different policies that fit your budget and needs.

Insure your car with policies that include bumper-to-bumper protection and that support your liability as a driver. When selecting Full Cover, you insure your car with public liability and physical damage. If you choose the Double Interest alternative, you cover physical damages during the term funded by the bank.


We offer the following coverage options:

Public Liability

covers bodily injury and damage to a third-party’s property. This policy provides protection against claims related to legal liabilities for negligent acts or omissions resulting in bodily injury, or damage to others' property after a car accident.

Medical Expenses

We will pay expenses incurred for medical or funeral services resulting from bodily injuries.


Pays for any losses, as well as direct or accidental damages that exceed the deductible, of the covered vehicle.


Pays excess deductible for any loss incurred on the covered vehicle, as a result of it overturning or impacting another vehicle or object.

Additional Coverage

You can add coverage for Travel and Roadside Assistance, Labor, Auto Loan / Lease coverage and towing costs.