It is sad to suddenly lose the things for which you have worked so hard. Whether by accidentally leaving the stove on or due to an atmospheric phenomenon, your home could be at risk of temporary closure, which would affect the stability of your family and your finances. On the other hand, imagine if you only had three more months until you finally paid off your car and, all of a sudden, it was stolen. Imagine going through two events like these and not being protected by an insurance policy. Would it hurt your wallet? Surely your answer is yes. The best remedy for this ache is the ProPack Personal.

ProPack Personal is an insurance policy designed to cover all of your personal insurance needs. This policy has the most competitive rates, with a minimum 20% discount when selecting two or more insurance coverage options.

Among the main ProPack Personal coverage options you will find:


Personal Auto

You are protected against losses from damages to your car, and you are also covered in the event of any damage to third parties.


Protect the structure of your main residence and other structures against fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes, among others hazards.

Personal Property / Content

This coverage insures your personal belongings such as: TVs, clothes, furniture, and appliances, among others. You also have the following special benefits and, in case of a claim, we’ve got you covered up to:

  • $350 in cash or store gift cards with monetary value.
  • $2,000 in securities, passports, and credit cards, among others.
  • $2,000 in lost or stolen jewelry, watches, necklaces, or bracelets.
  • $3,000 in silver or gold-covered items, which could include trophies, cutlery sets, and others.
  • If you've got electronic devices in your car designed for use with vehicle power and they are stolen, we’ll cover them up to $2,000.
  • $500 for clothes and essential items if you or your family are not allowed access to the residence.
  • $3,000 for artwork theft.
  • $500 for wine losses.

Personal Liability

You’re covered in case you are responsible for damages to third parties.

Umbrella - Excess Personal Liability

This coverage substantially extends the scope of your primary personal liability coverage, offering limits of up to $5 million.

Home Assistance

Can you imagine coming home from work to do household chores and study with your children, only to find a flooded house, trash floating around, and water cascades flowing down the stairs, all while you are looking for a mop, broom, and bucket to try and solve the problem?

It is hard to imagine because nobody wants to go through this situation, but these are very common and real emergencies for everyone. Events like these just happen and they won’t always be under your control. Breathe, calm down and, most importantly, be sure to include Home Assistance on your ProPack Personal because it helps you minimize bad experiences during these emergencies.

Covered services include:

  • Plumbing: In the event of the unexpected breaking of a pipe located in the residence, the policy covers payment for the services of a licensed plumber to repair it. It covers up to $300, to a maximum of three incidents during the policy year. In case of an emergency requiring the unclogging or drainage of a pipe in the insured property, the policy covers up to $100 per unclogged pipe, up to a maximum of three events in a year.

  • Locksmith: If someone steals your keys, you lose them, or the lock to your home can’t be opened, you can call a professional to repair it. The policy covers up to $300 or less, and a maximum of three incidents a year.

  • Glassware: If a glass window or door outside the insured home is broken, just call our toll-free number and we’ll send a professional to fix it, covering up to $300 for three incidents per year.

  • Electricity: In case of a power outage as a result of a power failure in the insured home, you can call a professional to repair the outage. The policy covers up to $300 for three incidents a year. It does not include the repair of lamps or appliances affected by the outage. The services are provided exclusively by Triple-S Propiedad selected professionals.

The coverage is provided when a state of emergency is determined by the need to repair the outage immediately.

Travel and Roadside Assistance

Suppose your friends decide to take a last-minute road trip with every intention of using your car because it is the most spacious. They are ready to explore every corner of the island. After several stops, the car shuts down a few minutes away from your destination and not a single light works. The signs are clear: the battery died and the girls start freaking out. Their despair disappears when you tell them everything is all right, there’s no reason to worry because you have Travel and Roadside Assistance coverage with Triple-S Propiedad.

Regardless of the day or time, we are with you in case of a mishap on the road or when unforeseen circumstances arise during a trip.

On the highway:

  • We'll cover your car’s towing, with no maximum limit per incident.
  • Car extraction, up to $125.00.
  • If you leave your keys in the car, we'll cover a locksmith with no maximum limit per incident.
  • We also offer unlimited coverage for tire changes and battery exhaustion.
  • Gasoline delivery, up to 3 incidents a year while the policy remains active.
  • Transportation, storage, and custody of the repaired or recovered car up to $100.00.
  • Unlimited transportation to pick up the vehicle, as a result of immobilization or theft.
  • Car rental, up to 96 hours and a maximum cost of $300.00, or hotel stay from $90 up to $270.00.

While traveling:

  • Transfer to Puerto Rico: If one of the insured parties cannot continue the trip due to injury or illness, the policy will cover the transfer of the insured person and companions to the house or hospital.
  • Transportation of insured parties for travel disruption due to the death of a family member: If you have to cut your trip short due to the death of an up to second-degree relative, the policy will cover transportation costs.
  • Medical assistance for injury or illness of the insured person outside of Puerto Rico: In case of injury or illness of the insured outside of Puerto Rico, the policy covers costs of hospitalization, surgery, medical fees, and pharmaceutical products prescribed by the physician treating you. The maximum limit for all services is $6,000.00 per insured person if it is within the United States, and $10,000 if it is in international territories.
  • Extension of stay of the insured person outside Puerto Rico for injury or illness: If you suffer an injury or illness and require extending your stay, the policy covers a limit of $75 per day, to a maximum of $750.00.
  • Transportation or transfer to Puerto Rico of a deceased insured party and other insured companions: If the insured party dies during the trip, the policy will cover expenses associated with his/her death, to a maximum of $6,000 for transfer to Puerto Rico. It will also cover travel expenses for companions, up to $3,000.
  • Medication delivery: the Company is responsible for sending urgent medication when prescribed to the insured party and it is not available at the visited location.
  • Urgent Transportation in the event of an accident in the house of the insured party: the policy covers the costs of emergency transportation of the insured to his/her home in case of a robbery that damages the doors or windows, in case of fire or an explosion that exposes the property to further damage; situations that justify their on-site presence and therefore an essential and immediate need for travel.
  • Services exclusively provided by suppliers assigned by the company.
  • Request of reimbursements authorized by the company must be made after no more than 48 hours, following the services rendered.

Additional Automatic Coverage

  • Identity Theft
  • Refrigerated Property
  • Assessment
  • Lock Replacement
  • Gravestones